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Are you the fortunate one who is considering a dental appointment in Mexico?

by Thomas Gomez

“I can’t imagine paying such expensive dental bills” exclaimed Mathew, a truck driver living in the U.S. He broke into a sweat and was completely speechless. If he spent his savings on dental bills, he would be pauper too soon and would probably have to sell his pick up van to survive. The verdict was a bold NO. He regaled his sad story to a friend over a pint of beer, explaining the trauma of bearing the excruciating toothache and how he had been putting it in the back row with over powering pain killers. He complained of being irritable and snappy because of the persistent tooth ache. His friend and companion in grief recommended him a few dentists down south in Mexico who could efficiently take care of his problem and also help him save thousands of dollars. Mathew saw a distant light of hope in the dark tunnel of his life and was exhilarated with curiosity and excitement at the prospect of meeting his new dentist in Mexico, getting rid of the toothache and most importantly saving lots and lots of money. Mathew was also eager to know the cost of his entire trip so when he called his dentist in Mexico to set up an appointment, he expanded on his dental problems and requested for a tentative estimate. He was appalled at seeing such a major price difference. The U.S dentist had quoted him $4500 dollars for a root canal and $6800 for a crown attachment. For the same procedures, the Mexican dentist offered him an estimate of $3500 which is 65-70% less than what the u.s dentist quoted. Within a few hours, the pick up van roared into action and Mathew was on his way to Mexico. 
           This is just not the case with Mathew. There are many Americans and Canadians, mostly from the middle or the working class or those who do not own a dental insurance, who find it extremely stressful and financially painful to bear the spiraling costs of dental insurance in their hometown and are continuously seeking other cheaper options. Dental care in Mexico is one of the most feasible options as it lies right on the border, can be easily accessible by road or air and you can receive equally comprehensive and personal dental services at much cheaper rates than in the U.S.  Dentists from Mexico can equal and compete with the best available all over the world. Dental training imparted to the dentists and the certification is Mexico is more or less similar to the U.S. An individual can qualify for the post of a dentist only after completing 4-5 years of university education, followed by 1 year of internship or involvement in community services and finally the passing of a professional exam. The low and inexpensive cost of dentistry in Mexico is creating awareness waves among Americans and Canadians. Safety and sanitation are also of prime importance and are implemented keeping the U.S standards in consideration. The dentists are very finicky and particular about the single patient use gadgets. They use latex gloves that are discarded after checking each patient, purchase digital sterilizing ovens for their instruments, face masks and anti bacterial soaps and scrubs is utilized keeping the surroundings hygienic and pleasant looking. Prospective patients who are curious and wish to clear any doubts or apprehensions are pleasantly welcomed with free consultations, fliers and detailed information over the internet. This homework done in advance will allow the patient to clearly picture what is in store for him/her and set realistic expectations without feeling duped once they reach their dental destination. Mexican dental charges can become even cheaper if you go to a dentist who treats more of the local Mexicans and charges the ongoing Mexican rates. It is simply a question of your budget and dental requirement and you are sure to succeed in pinning down the perfect Mexican dentist.

Angel Gomez is the Dentist of Mexico Dentist us. For additional information on Dental Procedures or Price Information contact Angel Gomez.

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