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Affordable and beneficial dental care in Mexico

by Thomas Gomez

Americans and Canadians keep visiting Mexico for their dental problems.’ The question is WHY? This is clearly because of the fact that they have found a dentist who they can trust with their dental issues in Mexico, who is also well equipped with the latest technique and services, and who most essentially charges a fraction of what dentists in U.S or Canada quote. In fact most dental tourists in Mexico combine their dental job with a relaxing vacation for a lesser price than the cost of dental work alone in U.S. Bingo! Imagine a holiday along with a dental appointment, all in one affordable package. That’s what Mexico has to offer and as Pied piper drove all the mice out of Hamilton with his alluring music, similarly huge groups of U.S citizens are traveling to Mexico to seek dental help.

          Mexican dentistry has mastered the art and craft of converting an individual’s smile into a healthy and beautiful possession by promoting long term dental health and providing exceptional personal and hospitable services. The dentists are highly capable of solving simple and complicated dental problems and needs with common procedures like porcelain veneers, bridges, gum surgeries, root canal therapy, dentures and complete makeovers too. A regular patient usually settles on a 5 day stay and gets a crown or a root canal completed and in the bargain saves enough money that pays for his/ her hotel stay and airfare to and fro to U.S. Patients who come for extensive treatment are usually the ones who have saved enough to maybe hire a car for traveling or live in a condo while in Mexico. It is long held myth that the medical treatment is far more advanced and superior in the west. However, in reality, the only thing that makes medical care in the U.S far more advanced and superior are the high costs. American dentists tend to prescribe drugs that costs hundreds of dollars for a week that will cost as much as $15 for a week in Mexico. In the bargain, you tend to save hundreds to thousands of dollars and at the same time get rid of your tooth aches.

            There are also many van drivers hired by the dental clinics who offer free round trips to patients from the border to the clinic and back. This makes it easier to reach your destination without any hiccups. In the Mexican clinics, the dentist usually converses in English, thus facilitating communication and simplifying the explanation of the dental procedures. Most dental clinics in Mexico offer general, cosmetic and preventative oral health care. Statistics declare that 7 out of 10 patients without dental insurance are in need of affordable dental care. Tooth pain can often be unbearable and can hamper the functioning of your daily errands. You tend to endure the pain and try and subside it with over the counter pain killers, reason being you cannot afford the dental and medical insurance in the U.S. Instead of finding ways to dull the pain, it is wiser to be treated by a dentist in Mexico who can assure you exceptional dental results and help you save thousands of dollars simultaneously. Mexican dental clinics follow simple but still a strict regime stressing on quality, acquiring the desired results and in the process earning goodwill. They use state of the art facilities to get the envisioned image and also employ latest techniques to fulfill cosmetic and restorative dentistry needs.

Detailed and extensive research about dental care in Mexico by a prospective patient offsets all the fears, apprehensions and insecurities one usually faces before entering a new arena. Dental help in Mexico is comprehensive and easily accessible if you knock at the right doors.

Angel Gomez is the Dentist of Mexico Dentist us. For additional information on Dental Procedures or Price Information contact Angel Gomez.

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