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Mexico- a great destination for all your dental care problems

by Thomas Gomez

Mexico is an excellent destination for inexpensive oral dental health care provided by qualified and professional dentists from the calm and comfort of their clinics in Mexico. You can simply have a vacation on the sandy beaches of Mexico while still being treated dentally and you are definitely going to return home recharged and rejuvenated after your dental vacation.
           You can save up to 65% of your dental charges in Mexico than what you would pay back in U.S or Canada. Dental implants, veneers, bridges or crowns, today you can easily attain the smile of your dreams at a lesser price only in Mexico. At a fraction of the cost for the Americans, Mexico is like haven that attracts people from all over the U.S and Canada for their dental work. Mexican dental clinics specialize in performing major dental work during a short visit utilizing high quality materials. There are U.S citizens who do not have dental insurance and find it inexplicably expensive to bear the brunt of dental expenses in the U.S. so they have started turning towards Mexico as a place to get low cost dental care. Mexican dentistry is becoming so popular and its high quality and low cost services are spreading far and wide, that American dentists have opened clinics in Mexico too, reaping the fruits of low overhead expenses and booming business. Most of the dental clinics in Mexico are well maintained with clean and hygienic surroundings with the latest and state of the art equipment. It is also advisable to visit a dentist whom you are recommended to by a reliable source so that there are a few chances of discrepancies. In Mexico, the dental care costs are about ½ to 1/3 what dental care in U.S costs. In most cases, the dental care in Mexico is as accurate and precise as in the U.S.                

           An old aged retiree was suffering from extreme tooth ache and various other dental problems. He was not dentally insured and the quote the American dentists gave him for his dental treatment made his heart skip a beat. Where would he get the money for treating his root canal and several cavities in the U.S? An American dentist quoted him an estimate of $750 for a root canal and $100 for each cavity filling. The old man got cold feet and finally decided to look for other feasible options. He was recommended to an excellent dentist in Mexico and since old age and dental problems are both irreversible, he decided to plunge into this option. He never looked back on his decision and seemed extremely content with the dental treatment provided to him and in his meager budget he also basked under the sunny beaches of Mexico. He paid $400 for a root canal and $50 for each filling.

This illustration can easily reflect the major price differences between U.S and Mexico. Apart from the costs, it is also essential to be treated by well trained and highly qualified dentists. The dental services should not be mediocre and there are several factors that determine costs, quality and the time required to accomplish the desired dental treatment. Since various dentists in Mexico are competing for less money, it has resulted in lower prices but maintaining the standards of services and cleanliness at the same time. The normal time required to complete simple and minimal dental work would be approximately 2-4 weeks. In order to get optimum results, the dentist requires the patient to be around for at least 2-4 sittings for completion of the dental treatment. Dental treatment in Mexico can be summarized as safe, affordable, easily reachable and a weekend break for all those who are wise enough to grab this opportunity.

Angel Gomez is the Dentist of Mexico Dentist us. For additional information on Dental Procedures or Price Information contact Angel Gomez.

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