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All’s well that costs well- this holds true for dental care in Mexico

by Thomas Gomez

Seeking for dental care in Mexico has magnificent advantages. Mexico is a safe, secure and the most convenient destination closest to the border that attracts flocks of Americans and Canadians to take advantage of dental care as you can not only get your teeth fixed but you may also gain the best option in the market. Unlike the U.S dental offices, in Mexico estimates, examinations or consultations are all free of charge. An appointment can be set immediately with a dentist in Mexico and there is also no need to wait for 2-3 weeks for the dental work to come from the laboratory. Payments can be made in cash or kind and even most credit cards are accepted. All these services are available at the snap of a finger for 1/3 the cost of dental work in the U.S. Most dentists in Mexico are credited with long years of experience, training and personal integrity. In fact many Americans feel that they have received better dental care in Mexico than from a few dentists in the U.S. There a lot of culturally and historically rich places in Mexico that you wouldn’t want to miss while you are on your dental vacation. You can have peaceful stroll on the cobblestone streets and also relish the Mexican delicacies and savories.
              Ms Martha had an infected tooth and she could touch the nerve with her tongue. It was extremely painful and she visited a dentist in Mexico. No sooner had she reached, she was joined by her husband and 14 year old daughter to scuba dive in Mexico while she got treated for her deteriorating tooth. In the next couple of days her son and daughter-in-law also made a trip and in total Ms Martha’s extended family had 4 root canals, 2 gum surgeries, 6 crowns, 3 dental veneers, more than a dozen cavity fillings and a couple of whitening treatments completed. They saved as much as $25000. In general, American families are effectively turning annual holidays into money saving dental check ups for one and all. Dentists in Mexico administer different and specialized treatments depending on the patient’s dental problem and needs. Porcelain crowns are undertaken to restore a broken tooth or reshape the existing teeth to its original size. Orthodontic treatment is used to create a beautiful smile with the help of braces or clips. Braces to realign the teeth usually cost $100. Teeth whitening is a common procedure whereby stained or yellowed teeth are polished using a lightening gel and this procedure can be completed in a single visit that may last for 45 minutes to an hour. Teeth fillings prevent further tooth decay and make teeth more strong and durable. A root canal treatment is an effective and beneficial procedure for tooth aches. It involves the removal of the nerve at the root of the affected tooth. Most of these treatments can be completed on the same day except for porcelain veneers and crowns. The materials for making the crown need to be sent to the lab that may take 3-4 days. The plan of the treatment, any consultation prior to starting the treatment or examinations in the beginning is not charged for and is free of cost. Below is a small chart that will help you understand the price differences between U.S and Mexico.

Treatment U.S. Prices Mexico Prices Lab Fees Total Savings
Porcelain Veneer On the base $3000 $1200 $160 55%
Porcelain Veneer On gold $3800 $1200 $400 68%
Teeth Cleaning $120 $60 $0 50%
Crowns $1800 $900 $180 50%
Root canal $500-1100 $350 $0 30-69%
Extraction $120 $60 $0 50%

This chart clearly shows the drastic changes in dental prices in Mexico when compared to the U.S. So if you are a planning a trip, then go for it and explore what Mexico has in store for you. Pack your family along, get dental work done and save lots of money.

Angel Gomez is the Dentist of Mexico Dentist us. For additional information on Dental Procedures or Price Information contact Angel Gomez.

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